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Ça va ?

Parlez-vous français ?

Allons-y !


Interested in learning French?

Here are some reasons to have a little French in your Paris suitcase:

  • Order what you want at a restaurant - and know what you are getting!

  • Find things you are looking for or get help if you are lost.

  • You'll sound so smart, throwing out witty expressions and common phrases - which are easy to learn!

  • Impress the French people!

  • It's the prettiest language.

  • Be able to sing along with Édith Piaf.


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There are TONS of books out there, CDs, programs, to learn a language. Trust me, I know. But I found that the majority of them do not teach the way a language should be taught, which is why many people get discouraged or don't retain what they learn or hear.

I have the solution!

As a person who taught myself French, I've learned some shortcuts and how to make learning French fun. I want to put you in the feeling, mindset, and sensations of the language. How? By flying to you Paris! 

Sorry, not literally. But figuratively yes! (You can always book a flight to France too. I highly recommend it.) 

Through my newsletter, I will send you to Paris, helping you learn French at the same time. And, unlike a flight on Air France, it's free!

If you are interested, please fill out your information below.

Merci beaucoup!

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We French-lovers must stick together!

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