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The Paris Wellness Retreat 

Get the best of Paris and the best YOU!

Hi! I'm Nicole Smith, acupuncturist and author. I have been helping people find and stay on the path of health for over 14 years. I have combined my passion for wellness with my passion for Paris and have created this wellness retreat. Learn the secrets behind the trim French figure first-hand.

Indulge in the joys of Paris dining without taking home the calories!

My program is designed to:

Assess and help you individually as a person

Provide tools to keep your wellness gains

Tap into the power of accessing different parts of the brain 

- uncover hidden saboteurs 

- maximize potential

 Learn journaling techniques that can help with goal setting and personal development

Make weight loss and healthy eating fun, no matter what country you are in


You will be treated to special acupuncture points designed specifically to curb hunger, decrease the amount you want to eat, and stop cravings! Works sometimes as quickly as the same day.

Some of the Paris "Treats" During Your Retreat:

- Taste the best bread in the city

- Unbelievable vegan desserts 

- Learn useful and conversational French

- Guided tours of the neighborhoods

- Cosy places to write and think 

- Sample healthy wines and learn how to make healthy cocktails

- and always some surprises...


Feel like a true Parisian!

Enjoy all that Paris has to offer, without the stress 

More information coming soon.

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